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Yellow Cab of L.A. Volkswagen Credit, Inc.
Golds Gym
Gemini Insurance Co.
Checker Cab
Prime Time Shuttle

"Mr. Wallace successfully defended several cases at trial for our taxi cab fleets."

William Rouse
General Manager of ASC
Yellow Cab of L.A.

Practice Areas

Orange County Lawyer - Edward S. Wallace

Edward S. Wallace, has been practicing law in South Orange County for over 20 years. He is an expert in the following areas of the law:

Personal and Catastrophic Injuries:
If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident or by a defective product or if the worst has happened and you have lost a loved under such circumstances, Edward S. Wallace can help you gain just compensation for your injuries or loss. Conversely, if you or someone you know is being accused of wrong doing in a personal injury lawsuit, Mr. Wallace has extensive experience as a personal injury defense attorney. To learn more, click here.

Construction Law and Litigation:
Construction law deals with all legal matters associated with the construction of buildings and other structures. For over 15 years, Mr. Wallace has worked closely with builders, engineers, financial institutions, architects and owners in South Orange County. Click here to learn more.

Business Law and Litigation:
Business or commercial law is the area of the legal profession that deals with business and commercial transactions. Mr. Wallace is an experienced business attorney with many successful cases to his credit. To learn more, click here.

Homeowners Association Law:
Housing tracks and other real estate developments that are governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA) are extremely common in Southern California. Legal issues arising from these associations are numerous and can become complicated quickly requiring the assistance of an experienced HOA lawyer like Edward S. Wallace. To learn more, click here.

Insurance Law and Litigation:
Legal matters having to do with insurance policies and claims fall under the heading of insurance law and litigation. Whether you are a claimant seeking a fair settlement from your insurance company or you represent an insurance company that is seeking an experienced insurance law trail attorney, contact Edward S. Wallace today. To learn more, click here

Real Estate Law and Litigation:
Real estate law encompasses that area of the law that deals with all things related to commercial and residential real estate as well as land transactions. Whether you are a buyer, seller, appraiser or agent, if you are facing a real estate related law issue, contact Edward S. Wallace today. To learn more, click here.

Trusts, Estates and Wills:
Trusts, estates and wills together from a group of legal documents that define a person's net worth, and specifies a course of action in the event of that person's death or disability. Don't take any chances with these important preparations. Contact Edward S. Wallace, today and have your affairs taken care of by a professional. To learn more, click here.

Lawyer - Orange County, CA

Mr. Wallace is one of the leading lawyers in South Orange County. He has acted as a lawyer for clients in Orange, Riverside, San Deigo and Los Angeles counties, for over 15 years. To engage the services of one of the most experienced trial lawyers in Southern California, contact Mr. Wallace today.

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